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Product Support 

PEDYN is a support-oriented company. We provide free telephone and e-mail support. Our first rule of business is to take care of our customers. Our free support covers any problems or issues that you might have with our program.  If you have specific questions and they are not covered in our help documentation, then please give us a call and we will be glad to help. Note that our free support is not for teaching you how to use the program; this would be considered training. Our current online group-training rate is $125 per hour.


There are no annual fees or subscription charges. We do not charge for critical patches, or fixes. We currently charge a small maintenance fee for enhancement and version updates. Additional design charges may apply if we make customized modifications to your program.


Program help documentation comes in a PDF format. It will be provided with the initial program delivery.  Our documentation covers all of the program features and tools.


Installation is easy. We have a one page, 6-step setup procedure.  We can walk you through each step over the phone. The initial setup takes about 15 minutes. Each additional workstation will take about 5 minutes. You will need a licensed copy of Microsoft Access for each user. You don't need any special hardware. You only need a simple network with a common directory that each user can access from their workstation or computer.

The time required to implement the P2000 program will vary depending on existing data that you want to import into the program. You can have your data loaded in a few hours or a few days. We will provide you with data templates and we will also be glad to support you with this effort.


The P2000 program is virtually maintenance free. The Access platform does not require a sophisticated server or skilled network administrator to keep things running. And since our program is written for Microsoft Access, this gives you an additional insurance policy. You cannot be held hostage like you can with other companies that use proprietary software. Even without our support you could still use, manage, and maintain our program through other sources.


Consulting and Training 

Our support team is also available to provide on-line consulting, and training. Our current training rate is $125/hr. Contact us if you would like to setup a training session or need development or consulting support.



We provide 4 hours of free customized programming (good for 90 days). If you require programming service that goes beyond 4 hours then we will submit a firm quote on any and all changes that you request, so that you know in advance exactly how much the work will be. If we go over, you don't get charged for the extra time. We stand behind our work, and work closely with you until you are satisfied that we have met the intent of the design changes. Our quotes are based on our current design rate of $75 per hour.


Support Contact


Tel: (817) 251-8599
Fax: (817 251-8988

Product, pricing, options, and support are subject to change without notice.
A small maintenance fee may apply to some product updates