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Manufacturing MRP Software for Small Business

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PEDYN (PE-Dyne) specializes in Small Business Manufacturing Software, Inventory Control, Material Planning, Engineering Management, Bill of Materials (BOM Software) and Document Control Software. See the all in one P2000 Manufacturing program, available in both Microsoft Access and SQL Server platforms. The P2000 is a powerful Low Cost solution for your complete business operations, from design concept, project management and documentations to purchasing, material control, manufacturing, and order entry. It's graphical design and drill down navigation make the P2000 very easy to learn and use. Since the program is written using Microsoft Access, it interfaces well with other products, and it can be easily customized to fit your ever changing business requirements. The program can be used along with other MRP and CAD programs that your company may be using by activating only the modules that you require. The P2000 is expandable, flexible and provides the perfect low cost solutions for small to mid size engineering and manufacturing companies. Why spend a fortune on expensive complicated system programs that are not easily adaptable to your specific needs? Using Microsoft Access as a front-end operating system means that you have full control and flexibility. Create new forms and reports as you need them. Expand your operating system anyway you choose. 

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The P2000 is a powerful low cost alternative to expensive and hard to use MRP systems.
PEDYN provides free support with no annual fees.  Receive a Demo today!

Starting as low as $1895, the P2000 is the perfect low cost solution for small to mid size engineering and manufacturing companies. Contact our office for complete option and pricing information. We will also be happy to schedule a live online demonstration of our advanced add-on modules and features.



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Manufacturing MS Access Database 

Manufacturing, Inventory and Engineering Management

Available for both MS Access and SQL Database Platforms

Engineering And Manufacturing Operations MRP Software

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Manufacturing Software Key Features

PEDYN P2000 Key Features and capabilities

Manufacturing Software Details and Graphics

PEDYN P2000 Details and Graphics

Manufacturing Software and Hardware Requirements:

Microsoft Office and MS Access 2010 and earlier

Microsoft Access 2010 Home Page:

The PEDYN Manufacturing Software is forward and backwards compatible with Access (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010) 

Manufacturing MRP Software Definition and History:

Material Requirements Planning (Wikipedia)



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PEDYN: P2000 Manufacturing Software Categories Terms and Features

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Manufacturing Software Terms and Features: 

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Engineering MRP Software Terms and Features:

Engineering Management Software, Engineering Software, Engineering Program, Engineering Project Management Software, Design Management Software, Engineer Task Management, Daily Task Management,  Engineering Change Notice, Engineering Change Request, Engineering Change Order,  ECN, ECO, DCO, DCN, ECR, DCR, Engineering Operations, Engineering Project Planning and Scheduling.

Documentation and Configuration Control Terms and Features:

Documentation Control software, Document Control Management, Drawing Control, Configuration Control Management, Configuration Management Software, Configuration Control Software, Drafting Management, Document Change Order, BOM software,  Bill Of Materials Software,  Bills of Materials Software, Indented Multi Level, Blow Through BOM, Phantom BOM, Reference Designators, Drafting Task Management, CAD,  AUTOCAD, Configuration Management,  Revision Control , Workflow Systems, Specification Control Drawings, Source Control Drawings, SCD, Fabrication Drawings,  Assembly Drawings, Online Sign-off and Approval Forms, Engineering Change Orders, ECN, ECO, DCO, DCN, ECR, DCR, BOM, PDM Product Data Management

Other MFG Software Terms and Features:

Make To Order, Assemble To Order, Build To Order, Make To Stock, Configure To Order, Cellular Manufacturing, Back-flushing, Backflush,  Forecasting, Standard Costing, Material Receiving, Shipping, Master Scheduling, Production Capacity, Capacity Planning, Job Shop, Scheduling, Scrap, Product Cost, Labor, WIP, Finished Goods, Stock Control, Inventory Control,  Forecasting, Pick List, Vendor List,  Sub Assemblies, Material Planning, Demand Planning, Forecasting, Sales Planning, Distribution Planning, Production Planning, Work Order Management, Customer Order Management, Order Entry, Shipping, Travelers and Routing, Item Master, Parts List, Purchase Orders, PO Software, Purchasing, Work Orders,  Sales Orders, Order Entry, Shop Order, Back Order, Shipping Order, Parts Allocations, Product Costing, Master Production Scheduling,  Dock-to-Stock,  Inspection, Testing,  ISO 9001 Compliance, ISO 9000 Compliant, Finance and Accounting Interface, Invoicing, Cost Management, Time and Job Tracking.

P2000 Operating Platforms:

MS Access Database Platforms (Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 2010) Windows 97, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7 (which was my idea), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. Pedyne, Pedyn Software, Standard and Customized Programming  Solutions. Hope that you find this page helpful.

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